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How Has 2020 Changed You? This Is My Story.

Hi. My name is Jackie and I'm just one person on this huge planet we call Earth. My life is no more important or significant than yours, but I want to write about my experience this year. Maybe your experience is similar, maybe it's completely and utterly different, but we've all went through some shit (excuse my french).

This year started out amazing, I celebrated the ball drop for New Years '20 on a cruise ship in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean. I was on a mind blowing trip for almost a whole month in December exploring South America (I even got to go to the Falkland Islands and get up close and personal to the penguins which was a dream come true.) Never in a million years did I think that a few months from that moment, cruise ships would be shut down, we'd be in the middle of a global pandemic, and crisis mode would be turned ALL THE WAY ON. I didn't think so many people would lose their jobs or become homeless or get sick and die. I didn't think that it would be near impossible for me to find a job in my industry (entertainment is already hard enough as it is and now all productions are going to be stopped?) So yeah, needless to say, I enjoyed that moment on the cruise ship, clinking the champagne glasses as the clock struck 12, but I had no idea what was in store. Had I known, I would've tried to enjoy it even more (and probably drink a whole lot more champagne).

Once news broke of the pandemic and the shutdown, I thought "alright, we have to stay inside for a couple weeks and be super bored and then it'll go back to normal" but that obviously didn't happen. It's about to be 2021 and we are back in a lockdown (at least here in California). It's been almost a whole year of this madness. I tried to make the best of this awful situation somehow, so I decided to move to LA from San Francisco and work on my dreams and aspirations-- yes, even during a pandemic. When I was in San Francisco, I was living in my parents house, which was nice and rent-free, but I wanted to gain some independence. In January, I met a boy, fell in love with this boy, and knew from that moment on that he was my person. He said he'd move to LA with me, and although I was going to move regardless, he made my decision that much easier. I now had a partner to go with, a best friend, someone who was going to be by my side through it all and push me to be a better person.

Watch our journey from San Francisco to LA right here:

The move was challenging, exciting, refreshing, scary, and every other emotion you could possibly think of. I've never lived with a significant other before and neither has he, so we were both taking a big risk after only being together for about 9 months.

I've cried through the pandemic, told myself I'll never find a job, that I would never make any money, that I'd have to rely on him forever-- those were my bad days. Then I had my good days where I said "I'm gonna make it, it's only a matter of time, this wont last forever, just keep pushing." And those are the days I am thankful for.

Not only have I learned a lot about myself this year, but I've learned some new skills: I'm a WAY better cook than I used to be (I went from microwave princess to gourmet queen), I can roller skate (sort of... still in the process of learning but hey I'm moving on my own), I've mastered TikTok (make fun of me all you want, but I found my niche and now my engagement is exponentially growing), and I even learned to be a barber for my bf's haircuts (he says I'm pretty dang good). So there you have it, this pandemic has actually made me a BETTER and more KNOWLEDGABLE person. I've also learned to cherish my friendships and relationships with people, because I hardly get to see anyone anymore. Side note: check in with your loved ones often, they'll appreciate it. I'm not saying I want the rest of my life to be like 2020 has been, because I really miss Disneyland, going to concerts, and BREATHING OXYGEN indoors, but this year didn't turn out to be a bad thing for me, even though I've hardly made any money. I've learned what I need to do to be successful in this cutthroat world and I will use those skills next year, and the year after that, and after that. I know there's people out there who were affected a thousand times worse than I was (small business owners, people with no family or financial support), or maybe barely affected at all (The Kardashians, Elon Musk, you name it), but this was my experience and it matters, just like all of your experiences do. I would love to talk to you about your year, whether it was amazing or went terribly wrong, because we can all learn from each other. Thank you for reading this, and reach out on social media if you want to (@jackiehollywood on everything).

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